How to Create a Pie Chart in Excel in 60 Seconds or Less

In the beginning of 2021, I used to be tasked with an task: Create a pie chart showcasing which varieties of content material carried out finest on the Advertising and marketing Weblog in 2020.

The query was an undeniably necessary one, as it could affect what varieties of content material we wrote in 2021, together with figuring out new alternatives for progress.

However as soon as I might compiled all related information, I used to be caught — How might I simply create a pie chart to showcase my outcomes?

Happily, I’ve since figured it out. Right here, let’s dive into how one can create your individual excel pie chart for spectacular advertising and marketing stories and shows. Plus, tips on how to rotate a pie chart in excel, explode a pie chart, and even tips on how to create a three-dimensional model.

Let’s dive in.

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How you can Make a Pie Chart in Excel

1. Create your columns and/or rows of information. Be at liberty to label every column of information — excel will use these labels as titles in your pie chart. Then, spotlight the information you wish to show in pie chart type.

Highlighted columns of data in excel to create a pie chart.

2. Now, click on “Insert” after which click on on the “Pie” emblem on the high of excel.

The pie chart tool in excel.

3. You may see a couple of pie choices right here, together with 2-dimensional and three-dimensional. For our functions, let’s click on on the primary picture of a 2-dimensional pie chart.

Various pie chart design options, including 2-D and 3-D pies, in excel.

4. And there you may have it! A pie chart will seem with the information and labels you have highlighted.

A complete pie chart created in excel.

For those who’re not pleased with the pie chart colours or design, nonetheless, you even have loads of modifying choices.

Let’s dive into these, subsequent.

How you can Edit a Pie Chart in Excel

Background Coloration

1. You possibly can change the background shade by clicking on the paint bucket icon underneath the “Format Chart Space” sidebar.

Then, select the fill sort (whether or not you desire a stable shade as your pie chart background, or whether or not you need the fill to be gradient or patterned), and the background shade.

The background color tool for pie charts in excel.

Pie Chart Textual content

2. Subsequent, click on on the textual content throughout the pie chart itself if you wish to rewrite something, increase the textual content, or transfer the textual content to a brand new space of your pie chart.

The text editor tool for pie charts in excel.

Pie Chart Border

3. Inside the Format Chart Space, you possibly can edit the border of your pie chart as nicely — together with the border transparency, width, and shade.

The border tool for pie charts in excel in the Format Chart Area sidebar.

Pie Chart Shadows

4. To alter the pie chart field itself (together with the field’s shadow, edges, and glow), click on on the pentagon form within the Format Chart Space sidebar.

Then, toggle the bar throughout “Transparency”, “Dimension”, “Blur”, and “Angle” till you are pleased with the shadow of your pie chart field.

The shadow, glow, soft edges, or 3-d format options for pie charts in excel.

Pie Chart Colours

5. Click on the colour paint palette, on the high left of excel, to vary the colours of your pie chart.

Excel affords a spread of complementary colours — together with a couple of presets underneath “Colourful”, and some presets underneath “Monochromatic”. You possibly can click on between the choices till you discover a shade palette you are pleased with.

(Alternatively, if you wish to change the colours of your pie chart items individually, merely double click on on the pie chart piece, toggle onto the paint part of the Format Chart Space, and select a brand new shade.)

The color options for your pie chart in excel as pre-set by excel.

how to change the color of an individual pie chart piece in excel.

Chart Title

6. Change the chart title by clicking on the three bars graph icon within the high left of excel, after which toggling to “Chart Title > None”, “Chart Title > Above Chart”, or “Chart Title > Centered Overlay”.

The chart title tool in excel to edit the placement of your title for your pie chart.

Change Location of Information Labels

7. On the identical three bar graph icon, click on “Information Labels” to switch the place your labels seem on the pie chart. (For example, would you like the pie chart items labelled in the midst of every pie chart portion, or on the surface?)

Change Row/Column

8. For those who’d favor to change which information seems within the pie chart, click on “Change Row/Column” to see alternate info aligned out of your authentic information set.

The switch row/column button in excel.

How you can Explode a Pie Chart in Excel

1. To blow up a chunk of your pie chart (which can assist you emphasize or draw consideration to a selected part of your pie chart), merely double-click on the piece you wish to draw back.

Then, drag your cursor till it is the gap you need it, and also you’re all set!

The tool to drag a piece of your pie chart away from the whole in excel.

How you can Create a 3D Pie Chart in Excel

1. To create a three-dimensional pie chart in excel, merely spotlight your information after which click on the “Pie” emblem.

The pie chart button in excel

2. Then, select the “3-D Pie” possibility.

The 3-D option for pie charts in excel to create a 3-dimensional version.

3. Lastly, select the design possibility you want on the high of your display screen.

The design options for pie charts in excel.

How you can Rotate a Pie Chart in Excel

Lastly, to rotate your pie chart, double-click on the chart after which click on on the three-bar icon underneath “Format Information Level”.

Then, toggle the “Angle of first slice” till you have rotated the pie chart to the diploma you need.

How to rotate a pie chart in excel using format data point.

And there you may have it! You are nicely in your technique to creating clear, spectacular pie charts in your advertising and marketing supplies to spotlight necessary information and transfer stakeholders to take motion.

Finally, you will wish to experiment with all of excel’s distinctive formatting options till you determine the pie chart that works finest in your wants. Good luck!

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